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Hi Julian, I LOVE your music and think you're very talented, my question is silly, are you a ticklish guy? If yes, where are your tickly spots? :)

Julian Velard responded on 08/27/2014

Yes I am ticklish. My feet and my armpits. I'm not letting you near them!

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It seems to be hard to post a message on your page but i'll just try it again.
Paypal came trough half an hour later. And lucky me recieved your cd today :D.
Sinds this was my first working day after my 3months sabattical abroad, and this week did not turn out to be such a succes, I was really, truefully happy to find your envelop in my mailbox! Thank you, your timing was perfect! So now I'll enjoy your music this evening on my coutch with a cup of tea and some chocolate (truefully womanisch), relax and remind me if my great times away. And as I've told my colleges, I'm going to forget about this week and we'll try again monday.

Again thanks! You made my day!
Love Willemijn

Julian Velard responded on 03/24/2014
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My husband and I volunteer with international musicians from all over the world.....we help them find gigs, make connections with reliable folks in USA...am a former Peace Corps volunteer so know what it is like to like abroad and need a connection to a local family. and a little help....... met this amazing jazz musician from Brazil on-line, through our affiliation to the famous Spoleto International Festival here in Charleston, South Carolina (www.spoletousa.org) where we live.

The jazz musician is Antonio Loureiro and needs some advice about representation in the USA....he will be coming to perform in New York next October....so I wondered if it would not be too much trouble, if you could advise him. He is on FaceBook....and will be in New York to perform in October.

Our son, Gavin Shelton is a hug fan of your.. he said that he got to meet up with you recently..he turned us onto your music years ago...

Terese Scarritt Shelton in Charleston, South Carolina

Julian Velard responded on 08/27/2014
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