Julian Velard

Hi Julian, Was fab catching up with you again and Thanks for coming to Dundee loved the gig was awesome if you are ever looking for a song title I have a good fan of yours here called " Shimayne " that could inspire you to perhaps write a song or include her name somewhere thats if your up for a challenge ? I've never seen a girl so happy after a gig lol That's it I'm taking piano lessons tomorrow ha!ha! lovin the site pal before I go who was Joni ? and I wish I heard you play 'Little Demons" one of my faves teleports me back to 2008 instantly Thanks Again Scot x :)

Julian Velard responded on 10/22/2015

Hey Scot! Thanks for reaching out. Was so cool to play Scotland again. Working on another trip for March. Stay tune! So glad Shimayne enjoyed the show. I doubt I'll include her name in a tune, but you never. If so I will give you credit! So glad you made it out. I'll try and play Little Demons next time. Hope to see you there!

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