Julian Velard

Hi Julian. First thank you for your music… Its great. I make the contact with your music recently with a course at Lynda.com about main stage, a course you guided very well, and I said this because I´m very new in main stage… a old musician but new in this software. I loved the music Joni… great song with a great arrangement.
Now my question is, You have some plans or invite to come and make some concerts in Portugal?
Thanks for your attention.

Julian Velard responded on 02/09/2016

Hey I thought I answered this already but here it goes again just in case!

Thanks for finding me here Licinio. So glad you enjoyed my MainStage Course on Lynda.com. I've got a couple other ones up on Music Theory and Songwriting. Be sure to check them out. Otherwise I'm working on a new record and you can follow along every step of the way through my PledgeMusic. Check it out - http://pledgemusic.com/julianvelard

Otherwise I have no plans to come to Portugal but who knows what the future holds. Now that you're on the mailing list, you'll be the first to know. Hope we get to rock out together sometime soon. Until then!!!

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