Julian Velard

JV-Saw you in San Diego (Dave from B-More), doing my best to share your music with friends and others. Looking forward to your next gig in B-more. Curious about the origins of "A Dream", care 2 share?

Julian Velard responded on 01/04/2011

Dave! I'm sorry for the super delayed response. Thanks again so much for coming out in SD. I hope to be back in B-more in the Spring/Summer. You shall definitely know when. You're on the mailing list right?

As for A Dream, I wrote it about a break up with a girl who I eventually got back together with. We broke up like 6 times before calling it quits. It's a funny tune. Wrote it in an hour, top to bottom pretty much. Didn't like it when I first started playing it, thought it was corny. Guess it was so raw and real I didn't know what to do with it. Really happy with that one. Hope I get to write something like it again. You gotta be lucky you know? Hope you're having a great New Year so far. 2011 is the year my man!

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